The U.P.C., or Universal Product Code, was introduced in 1973, and is now officially called a GTIN-12 although the U.P.C. name is still used. The 12-digit code is often encoded in a scannable barcode called a UPC-A found on retail product packaging and used at the point of sale for price lookups

The identifier used for physical products is also used to sell products online forming an important bridge between online listings and physical products. U.P.C.s help optimize your product’s ability to surface in the searches that come up when your customers are shopping online. You should care about having your products identified correctly because online marketplaces do. Amazon, eBay, Google, Jet, Walmart, and many others have similar U.P.C. requirements. To sell successfully online and in bricks and mortar, it’s important to use authentic numbers and to get them set up properly from the start.

Sometimes as a seller, you will only have one product identifier that you will need to convert to get the information that you seek. For example, products listed on the Amazon marketplace require an ASIN, so you may need to convert from an EAN to ASIN to properly register your products.

Algopix offers an ASIN to UPC converter and an EAN to UPC converter, to help you quickly and accurately ascertain the right product identifier. When you need a quick GTIN or UPC lookup, enter the product identifier that you do have into Algopix’s converter, and within moments you will have the information you need.

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