B2C (Business to Consumer)

Business to consumer, or B2C, refers to a business that deals directly with the individual customer. In eCommerce, B2C is the selling of goods to customers over the internet like on the Amazon and eBay marketplaces. Unlike B2B (business to business), sellers will typically sell individual products or services in a smaller volume.

There are five types of B2C models:

1. Direct Sellers: As the most familiar kind of B2C model, this is in which consumers buy goods from online retail sites like manufacturers, small businesses, or just online versions of department stores. Example: Target.com.

2. Online intermediaries: The go-betweens between buyers and sellers that don’t sell products or services. Example. Expedia or Etsy.

3. Advertising-based B2C: This B2C model uses free content to get people to come to their site. On the site, there are many digital or online ads, so site visitors buy goods and services. Example: Huffington Post.

4. Community-based: This B2C Model builds online communities of shared interests to help marketers and advertisers directly target consumers based on user demographics and geographical location.Example: Facebook.

5. Fee-based: A B2C model where companies charge a fee for consumers to access their content. Example: Netflix or the New-York Times.

When considering what products to sell as a B2C e-commerce seller, it is highly recommended to use a product analysis tool to understand best in which online marketplaces and what products will prove to be most lucrative. Algopix provides online sellers with actionable insights to take their B2C businesses to the next level.

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