What is an ASIN number and why is it important? ASIN is a product identifier that stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, and it is used by Amazon to maintain its product catalog. It’s ten characters long and includes letters and numbers. If you’re an Amazon seller interested in the Amazon marketplaces, you will need this number. A few advantages to obtaining the right Amazon ASIN include increased protection from counterfeit and more ease in customers finding your product on Amazon’s marketplace.

It is important to note that each ASIN depends on its marketplace, so an ASIN for Amazon U.S. may differ from Amazon Germany. So if you are currently selling on Amazon U.S. and you’re interested in expanding to another Amazon Marketplace, like Amazon France or Germany, you will likely need a different ASIN for that country. In addition to ASIN product identifiers, it helps to have the products other identifiers, like EAN or UPC.


If the products you want to list are unique, you will need to provide a UPC or EAN, and Amazon will create a new ASIN for that product. If competitors have already recorded the product in question on Amazon, you can find the ASIN through the UPC or EAN. Algopix makes this quick and straightforward process with its product identifier tool. Likewise, if you possess only the ASIN identifier but would like to branch out into other marketplaces, Algopix’s converter tool is available for an ASIN to UPC converter, and an ASIN to EAN converter.

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