Amazon Subscriptions (Store Plans)

Amazon provides the opportunity for sellers and vendors to open their open brand stores on Amazon’s marketplaces to increase customer engagement and brand visibility. By creating an Amazon store, sellers can drive more shopper engagement through a curated design that remains true to your brand. Amazon vendors or sellers that are brand owners are eligible to create stores, and it does not require any extra skills or outside professional help.

Each Amazon store is unique and is given a URL similar to The available built-in social media features make it easy for customers to share products with friends and loved ones via social sharing buttons. Promotional extensions are also available for Amazon stores, including features like headline search ads, a link to your store in the brand byline, and built-in metrics all to help to attract new customers and create more awareness for your store.

Amazon stores do not require professionals to build them. Through available templates, store owners can quickly assemble a beautiful store quickly, and stores can go live within 72 hours.

Three customizable templates available:

  1. Product Grid: This template is a simple way with which to display your products
  2. Marquee: Great for sellers who want extra space for product descriptions, testimonials, and to tell the story of their brand. This template offers a curated product display with extra space for photos.
  3. Showcase: The showcase template is best for brands seeking a content-rich customer experience. Through this template, sellers can feature a broad selection of products and utilize extra space for great copy.   

Store plans are just one way in which Amazon sellers can take their e-commerce businesses to the next level. Be sure to consider fulfillment options and use an Amazon fee calculator to carry out strategic business decisions more accurately.

To begin building an Amazon Store, log into for vendors or Seller Central for sellers.

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