Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon brand registry is a program that helps that helps brands protect their product listings on Amazon and provides other tools to optimize listings. So far Brand Registry is active protecting over 60,000 sellers and hundreds of millions of customers.

Amazon brand listing helps to protect intellectual property and to ensure a safe and easy experience for your customers. By proactively removing suspected infringing or inaccurate content, the Amazon Brand Registry protects sellers and their livelihoods. Sellers need to provide as much information as possible in order to get the best service and protection possible.

Amazon Brand Registry enables sellers to more easily search and locate information in different Amazon stores. Sellers can search for content using the following:

  • Images
  • Keywords
  • A list of ASINs in bulk 

    To be eligible, all you need is:



  • A trademark registration number for your brand
  • A list of categories
  • A brand website
  • Images of your brand logo, products, and packaging


How to join Amazon Brand Registry?

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, sign in using your Seller or Vendor credentials. After you sign in, enroll your brand(s). Amazon will verify it and afterward, you will be given access the Brand Registry’s features to secure your brand.


Important benefits to remember when considering Amazon Brand Registry:

  • Accurate brand representation
  • Brand protection: Tools to help you report violations
  • Brand registry support
  • Enhanced brand content
  • Faster ad approval

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