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Algopix provides you with key data points such as market price, demand levels, profit and sales estimation, detailed expenses breakdown and a competition analysis.

Everything you need to perform Walmart product market research

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Product Identification and Enhanced Listing Info

By entering any keyword or GTIN such as UPC, EAN or ASIN on a specific product, you can quickly receive essential information including prices on markets across the globe, sales performance, product details and ratings—all in real time.

Cross Marketplace Product Insights

Get all the necessary info to decide whether a product is worth selling, including expense breakdown, competition level, demand analysis, possible profit, listing insights and Algopix’s machine-learning based sourcing recommendations.

Competition Analysis

Discover essential information about your competition to help you make better decisions about new opportunities. Learn who is selling your competing products and at what price, who has won the Buy Box, and whether the item is sold by Amazon and through FBA.

Expense Breakdown

Receive a summary of all the expenses associated with selling the researched product in selected markets. Calculate expected margins while considering account marketplace (eBay/Amazon/Walmart) fees, PayPal fees (for eBay sellers), FBA fees (for Amazon sellers that use Amazon’s storage solution), shipping costs (based on the product’s dimensions) and taxes.

30 Day Sales Estimation

Find out the estimated number of products sold and revenue in the last month. For Amazon and Walmart, the monthly sales estimate is a calculation based on the product’s Best Sellers Rank combined with additional demand indicators and sales history. For eBay, the monthly sales estimate is a calculation of the actual sales in the last month.

Marketing Opportunities

Calculate advertising costs by understanding the most searched keywords per product, average number of searches per month, average CPC, bidding competition level and estimated CPA.

Store Analysis

Track competition by researching entire stores on Amazon and eBay. Understand what your competition is selling, where they are selling it and how well it is being sold.

Product Discovery

Perform broad searches for products by just using keywords, see all of the listings that match their data and analyze them with ease. The powerful Algopix Product Discovery Tool streamlines your product search with an overview of currently available listings that are relevant to your entered keywords.

Category Analysis

Research entire categories to understand whether a category is profitable, which products are selling best and which are up and coming. By entering a category, you can quickly receive a list of all the products listed in the category with essential data such as title, image, price and identifier.