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As an online seller, you know how time-consuming product research can be without the proper tools. Algopix allows users to quickly convert product identifiers to more accurately find crucial product information. We’ve put together a brief guide to the product identifiers UPC and GTIN, and how Algopix’s dynamic converter tool can ensure you get important product insights quickly and painlessly.

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What is a UPC?

The UPC, or Universal Product code, consists of two parts: a 12 digit code which is unique for every product, and a scannable barcode. The UPC is widely used in the United States and it is mostly used during the point of sale. The primary goal of a UPC is to provide information about a product’s name, size, and color. A UPC is universal, as implied by its name, and can be found on the barcode.

What’s a GTIN and why does it matter?

A GTIN, or Global Trade Item Number, is an internationally recognized system used for identifying products used for online product marketplaces. They can be from eight to fourteen digits long, and its composition largely depends on where in the world the product originates. GTINs that consist of 8 numbers are mostly used for EAN product identifiers, 12 digits for UPC, 13 for ISBN and EAN, and 14 digit GTINs are used to identify wholesale products, so you may run across circumstances in which you will need to switch from GTIN to UPC or to any other product identifiers.

Converting from UPC to GTIN

Sometimes as a seller, you will only have one product identifier that you will need to convert to get the information that you seek, which is where a UPC to GTIN calculator comes in handy. You may need to convert UPC to GTIN if you are interested in selling in international marketplaces for understanding product identifiers and how they function is a vital aspect of establishing a successful e-commerce business.

Algopix offers a UPC to GTIN converter to help you quickly and accurately discern the right product identifier. When you need a quick UPC lookup, enter the product identifier that you do have into Algopix’s UPC to GTIN tool, and within moments you will have the information you need.


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