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The importance of Amazon sales estimates

True, the Amazon US marketplace is huge. The latest eMarketer figures putting sales at $175 billion in 2018, accounting for nearly one-third (31.3%) of total eCommerce sales in the US. However, just because the opportunity is huge, doesn’t mean that you can sell anything there and succeed. To be profitable selling on this marketplace, regardless of how big or small you are, sellers need to do their research.

One of the most important pieces of data you will need to know is an accurate estimation of sales data. An accurate estimate of sales figures helps sellers understand how much inventory they should buy, at what intervals, and how much profit they can make from a particular product.

Algopix provides an Amazon US sales calculator to empower sellers with product sales performance information for the Amazon US market, including estimated unit sales per month and estimated revenue per month.

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How does Algopix’s Amazon US Sales estimator work?

The Algopix Amazon US products sales history estimator provides estimates for unit sales per month as well as for total revenue per month for the product(s) of interest in the Amazon US market. These figures are calculated using Amazon product sales data, including real-time product transaction data along with open source information. More specifically, the sales per month estimate is calculated based on the product’s Best Sellers Rank, demand level and historical sales data. The revenue per month estimate is a reflection of the Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) from the past month, and is calculated by multiplying the base price of a product by the unit sales per month figure.

How does the Amazon US Sales Calculator benefit our customers?

The primary benefit of using the Algopix FBA sales estimator tool is to make smarter, more informed business decisions that enable you to increase sales while reducing risk. Not only does Algopix help you provide the sales and revenue estimates, it tells you the expected demand level, cost breakdown including shipping, taxes and fees, and how much profit you can expect, making it to easy for you to identify profitable products on Amazon US. Fully understanding the Amazon US market for each of their products allows sellers to make better sourcing decisions. Utilizing a dynamic product research and sales estimator tool such as Algopix, enables you to increase sales and profits, while reducing the risk of deadstock.

Easily analyze vendor price lists

Many Algopix customers utilize our Bulk Product Analysis tool, a tool that allows sellers to analyze a list of up to 200 products at once. This is very helpful if you want to analyze from a vendor list to see which, if any, make sense for you to sell on Amazon. You will get back a full analysis of multiple products at once, including Amazon Sales estimations for each of the 200 products in the Amazon US market. You can also upload your current inventory list and use Algopix’s vast market coverage to identify other Amazon, eBay, and Walmart marketplaces where there are demand and profit opportunities for you to sell your existing inventory or products that vendors have offered. Being able to get full information for up to 200 products at once will save you a ton of time compared to analyzing each product individually.

Gain the advantage of full Algopix insights

Algopix provides a comprehensive product research platform for eCommerce sellers. When conducting a product analysis using Algopix, many valuable insights are provided to help you make smarter, more informed business decisions. To get this information, simply enter the product identifier, the price you buy it at, your preferred fulfillment method, where you’re shipping from, and select the markets you’re interested in. Within seconds you’ll receive information including a quick indication whether or not a product is recommended to sell on each particular marketplace and plenty of additional information, including market price, demand level, expenses, expected profit, competition analysis, and a complete Google AdWords analysis with recommended search phrases and trends. In addition to Amazon US, Algopix also provides all this valuable data and recommendations for 7 other Amazon marketplaces, plus multiple eBay marketplaces, and Walmart. Try Algopix today for free.

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