Randy Davila

New York, USA

Online inventory management has been my job for the past four years. My main focus is on maintaining our inventory’s position on the first page of Amazon’s search results, and simultaneously making sure that our prices are the lowest on that first page, even if the price difference is negligible. My methods take advantage of the fact that Amazon users tend to look for Prime products that are also reasonably priced. By knocking off even a penny from the competition’s price, we can undercut them and rake in their sales. But all of this requires a dedicated inventory manager that can keep track of current stock, pricing strategies, and more.

How I can help Algopix users

When working in eCommerce, everyday tasks can build up quickly. As such, the minute-to-minute care that inventory management takes can easily fall behind. With my help, you’d have someone to keep up with that massive workload. As problems arise, you can be confident they will be dealt with swiftly. The same can be said for any opportunities that arise. With how fast the internet moves, taking advantage of sudden trends as they arise is extremely important, and as such it’s vital to have someone ready to adjust prices and order stock as these trends arise.