Rachel Haley

New York, USA

Ever since eBay introduced customizable HTML storefronts, I’ve been designing and installing them for eCommerce sellers. The stores I design put all the information a customer needs right in front of them from the very start. I also offer tutorials on how to navigate the template and set up new listings for future use. If you have a website, I will take extra care to make sure your template is thematically coherent with your website. If you’re looking for an easily accessible template sold at a competitive rate that matches your branding across the web, I’m the best person to work with.

How I can help Algopix users

Running a business in eCommerce is time-consuming. Taking that into consideration, the time it takes to learn the ins-and-outs of HTML coding can be a real obstacle in getting your storefront set up. By hiring me, you don’t have to worry about learning to code. I will design your storefront, explain how to use it, and provide you with ongoing support well into the future. My clients love working with me because I care about their businesses.