Nicholas Larson

New York, USA

I’m a Pay-per-click specialist. I spent nearly seven years working at a large agency managing PPC campaigns for mid-sized companies looking to attract the right kind of traffic to their online businesses. When it comes to split-testing, keyword optimization, and data analysis for your PPC campaigns, I’m the guy you need. With so many years of experience, I can make sure that the clicks you get will come from your target audience. By making sure your ads reach the right audience, I can help you optimize your campaigns, budgets, and deliver the results you need.

How I can help Algopix users?

Algopix is great when it comes to providing you with the data needed to advertise your products properly. However, without experience in advertising, it’s hard to make the best use of that data. That’s where I come in. Through careful and thorough analysis of the data Algopix provides, as well as a detailed understanding of PPC marketing, I can make sure you’ll get the most out of it. I work with you to make sure every product is advertised to its target customer based on demographics such as gender, income, interests, political alignment, geographics, and general interests. If you hire me, every click you get will matter.