Kaitlyn Gilbert

New York, USA

I’m a manager with a natural aptitude for inventory management. My strengths include active management of stock availability, analyzing the performance of our current stock, and analyzing current market trends. When I’m working, I aim to avoid issues by proactively managing stock, and making sure we’re ready for trends as they arise. This ensures that customers are consistently satisfied, by guaranteeing that anything we need is in stock and ready to be delivered to the customer as soon as possible.

How I can help Algopix users

Working with your inventory is a vital aspect of running an online store. Even if one is apt for sourcing products and working with manufacturers, active management of stock is an entirely different skill set and requires a lot of time to master. By working with me, you’d be able to cut out a lot of that workload, and take a lot of stress off your shoulders. I will help you develop an inventory system, streamline your processes using time-saving tools, and provide you with managerial expertise that I have gathered throughout my years in retail.