Johnathan Bridges

New York, USA

I’m a highly experienced inventory manager who has worked for people running storefronts through eBay, Amazon, and the Walmart marketplaces for years. I primarily focus on managing pricing, as well as making sure your stock is kept in check. By analyzing prices from the competition, I can help you pursue competitive pricing strategies, changing them as required to provide your products with the best chance to sell.

How I can help Algopix users

As an Algopix user, you’re undoubtedly aware of how fast market conditions can change. Even the smallest thing can change the demand for a product drastically. In order to take advantage of the flow of the market, it’s important to make sure we have always have the right amount of stock ready to be shipped out, and that you’re stocking it at a competitive price. This means that the market requires constant analysis for inventory to be properly managed. By allowing me to take care of that, you can cut hours out of your day, and rest easy knowing everything is actively being taken care of throughout the day.