Francis Bregour

New York, USA

I’m a recent photography school graduate with a focus on branding photography. Through the course of my studies, I’ve learned all the latest techniques the profession has to offer. In the short time since I’ve graduated, I’ve found plenty of work as a freelance product photographer, and built up an expansive portfolio that covers many different forms of product photography. On request, I can provide samples of pictures taken in any style you’re interested in.

How I can help Algopix users

Someone running an online business might have the ability to stock a store, knowing which products they need to buy and how to market them. However, carrying out that marketing is impossible without the human resources needed to set up your store in the first place. As a product photographer, I can bridge that gap, providing professional-grade photography that will make every item you carry shine, and create the exact look you need to make your store come together the way you want. Whether you’re looking for something corporate and professional, or something more simple and homely, my work will leave you satisfied.