Dorothy Hail

New York, USA

Ever since the inception of Amazon, I’ve been helping my clients push their products to the forefront of the search results. By making effective use of keywords, I’m able to make sure products are picked up by Amazon’s A9 algorithm. This means that people looking for your products, or even competitor’s similar products, will be able to find your products. This draws customers in, and through effective listings, helps you sell more products.

How I can help Algopix users

The complexities of SEO are difficult to wrap your head around. Traditional SEO and Amazon SEO are similar, but there are many differences. SEO strategies are always changing. That’s why you need an expert like me to help you develop an SEO strategy for Amazon. As an expert, I make it my duty to actively keep up with current industry standards. With my help, I will develop a strategy that will help you get your products noticed. By having your products in the spotlight, they’ll be performing better than they ever have, land you more reviews, and establish you as a top seller.