Dillon Hays

New York, USA

The majority of my work in graphic design is focused on designing corporate logos. I aim to create sleek, modernized logos that clearly communicate with your target audience. For example, if I’m designing a logo for a company that caters to businessmen, I make sure to create something that comes off as professional. Meanwhile, if the company I’m working for is aimed at a younger audience, I’ll design something more dynamic to catch their attention. With an extensive portfolio that covers a multitude of different art styles, I can definitely create something that will appeal to your target audience.

How I can help Algopix users

A company’s logo sends a very clear message to the customer and is often the first thing your customers see. First impressions are everything, and they often determine if the customer even bothers looking through your store at all! By designing a logo that appeals to your target audience, I’ll help you engage your customers and wow them. With experience designing in a wide array of styles, I can provide you with a graphic design service that appeals to both you and your target audience.