Brandon Hirst

New York, USA

I’m a long time graphic designer with in-depth knowledge of both Adobe Photoshop and Sony Vegas 15. I primarily use my skills in visual design to create striking ads that catch the viewer’s eye immediately. I do this by exploiting strategies that are scientifically proven to work. Making use of color theory, I can make sure the viewer’s eye is drawn to my work. My mastery of color theory allows me to create certain feelings, such as excitement or comfort for the viewer, while still maintaining a fully-professional appearance. If you’re looking for ads that will catch your target audience’s attention and draw them in, then I’m the person to hire.

How I can help Algopix users

Advertising is a very important part of getting your store noticed. Without strong visual design, an ad campaign is destined to fail from the start. As my portfolio proves, I have been behind the design of many successful ad campaigns, both for small and large corporations. My colorful, minimalistic, and professional ads will place your company into the spotlight and draw in your target audience.