Allen Mclean

New York, USA

I’m a professional photographer who’s very experienced in online marketing. I specialize in taking pictures of products on very clearly lit white backgrounds, creating a very polished and professional look. All my pictures are taken in a pure white studio box, to create the illusion that they’re floating in a shadowless white space. My work is featured in countless different eBay and Amazon listings. If you’re looking for a clean, polished aesthetic, I’m the person you need.

How I can help Algopix users

If you’re looking to create a highly professional, office-type feeling for your online marketplace, you came to the right place. I specialize in producing high-resolution pictures that feature the product on a white background, and nothing else. This means that your customer will have a straightforward, no-nonsense view of your item, with nothing to get in the way. With multiple angles for every product, the customer will be able to see everything they need, and get a true understanding of what they’re about to purchase. I deliver product photos that will encourage potential customers to purchase your products.