Will using my real name help me sell better on eBay, or does a store name sound more professional?

Q&A ProCategory: eBay SellersWill using my real name help me sell better on eBay, or does a store name sound more professional?
Ruth Sturtevant asked 5 years ago
2 Answers
Dani Avitz Staff answered 5 years ago
In almost all cases it is recommended you use a specific name for eBay, and not your real name. Remember, eBay isn't like a neighborhood store where (mostly) everyone knows your name and walks in almost every day: Here you are dealing with millions of people from around the world, who are looking for the best possible deal.  The first reason to use a specific name is, using your real name doesn't necessarily add credibility; secondly, for security reasons, you're better off not to. Thirdly, you're much better off making sure that you focus on selling quality products and providing first-rate service. It's these two main factors that will add credibility to your name and build up your reputation in the eBay selling market, which is, ultimately, what you want. So in that regard, a real name or a "professional," store-name, will have less much effect than you might imagine.  People look at your feedback ratings, your positive-to-negative feedback ratio (for instance, if you have 700 positive feedback vs. 20 negatives), average rating, ID history, quality of products, delivery times, etc., and much less on your seller name.
Dani Avitz Staff answered 5 years ago
There are a number of points you should go over and check when doing an Amazon FBA product research, to give yourself the best chances of success. a) To start off with, there is the price point: the product's price should be in the $15-$50 range, but not lower than 15 otherwise your margin would be slim to none. b) Find a product with a low-level of competition: check out the number of reviews a product has and the number of people selling it. You would not want to enter a category with sellers who have been selling there for a while and have thousands of glowing reviews. On the other hand, products with poor ratings can give you an opportunity - if you believe your product improve what's currently being offered. C) It's a big advantage if you can somehow differentiate your product from the crowd, make it stand out from the competition, if it's in quality, price, service - or, even better, all of the above. d)  Using platforms like Algopix, you can quickly view key data on the dashboard, such as recommended market for the product, product demand level, expenses forecast and estimated profit.