What is Amazon arbitrage?

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Stacy Liggins asked 4 years ago
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Dani Avitz Staff answered 4 years ago

Amazon retail arbitrage is an expanding and promising market within the eCommerce industry. Being a highly competitive market, Sellers are recommended to ensure that they have the basic theoretical and practical knowledge of arbitrage strategies, in order to gain profitable outcomes. 

The concept of Amazon arbitrage is as simple as effective: Sellers source products that are offered at a particular price by retailers like Walmart, eBay or Target either online or offline, purchase those products and consequently sell them for a higher price through Amazon markets. 

Usually, this makes sense when a product is offered for a discounted price in only one single region, if products have the characteristic of being slow-moving or if it's simply much more convenient for a customer to shop online, rather than physically purchasing the product in a common brick and mortar store.

Algopix is a great product analysis software to perform arbitrage research and exploit cross-channel and regional, price and demand fluctuations.