What does Amazon Best Sellers Rank mean?

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Evelyn Pena asked 5 years ago
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Dani Avitz Staff answered 5 years ago

Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank (sometimes referred to as BSR) is a ranking system that shows how well an item sells in its category. The best selling handbag, for instance, will have a #1 shown on its product page for handbags. BSR provides buyers and sellers with an idea of what items are popular and worth looking into. However, an item’s ranking can fluctuate greatly as consumer demand changes.

At the most basic level, Amazon BSR provides you with a snapshot of how a particular product is performing within a category. You may notice during the holiday season that specific holiday-themed items are topping categories. BSR is heavily influenced by sales numbers, and how recent those sales are. It can provide sellers with an indicator of how viable a product is, but it’s still recommended that you do additional research to determine if a product is worthwhile.

The Amazon product ranking helps you identify which products are best for you to sell on Amazon. A product that has a higher ranking (e.g. no. 1 in its category) means that it sells quickly, which is good of course, but it is often a signal of fierce competition and low profit margins. Because of this it is best to avoid products with very high BSR rankings and very low ones (e.g. anything in the tens of thousands), since those products likely won’t sell well. Ideally, you want to find a product in the middle part of the spectrum with a market potential and a respectable profit margin. That way you have room to optimize and benefit from an improved BSR ranking.

To find the Amazon product ranking for a given product, go to the bottom of any Amazon product page and look at the ‘Product Information’ section. In the chart at the bottom, you will see ‘Best Sellers Rank’ where you will see the product ranking for each and every category that the product is sold in.

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