What do I need to open an Amazon seller account?

Q&A ProCategory: Amazon SellersWhat do I need to open an Amazon seller account?
Patrick Matthews asked 5 years ago
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Dani Avitz Staff answered 5 years ago
One great thing about selling online is that you don’t need to own a business to do it. Creating an Amazon seller account is quite simple.On Amazon Service’s web page, click the large “Start Selling” button to get started. Amazon gives you the choice between a professional account and an individual account. Unless you’re expecting to sell more than 40 items a month, an individual account is sufficient. After that, you will need to enter specific business and personal information followed by your payment method, and you’re in!However, while it’s easy to open an Amazon seller account, becoming a successful seller is a greater challenge. You must ask yourself questions like:
  • How will you deal with seller fees?
  • Will you adopt FBA (fulfillment by Amazon)?
  • What items are worth selling?
It’s worth doing market research before you create your first listing. Algopix is one Amazon product research tool that can help with that. Knowing some product statistics like selling price, monthly sales estimator, and average demand goes a long way toward increasing your chances of success.