What are the best inventory management apps for Amazon, Ebay and other selling channels?

Chris Ashley asked 3 years ago
1 Answers
Dani Avitz Staff answered 3 years ago
There are plenty of inventory management apps out there for Amazon & eBay...however, the more apt question you should be asking yourself is, "which is the best inventory management app for my needs?" what can be a real difference maker and elevate my business to the next level, instead of just being that "I'm using an inventory app" thing? what is good for ten sellers does not necessarily mean is good for you as well.  What is your product, where are you selling, what are your quantities, in how many markets or marketing channels are you planning to sell your product?if you plan to sell only on Amazon, for instance, doesn't mean you require the same inventory management app that someone who sells on Amazon, eBay, Shopify and wherever else.  It's not just extra capabilities that cost money, it's also time to learn and use it.  Management platforms such as Sellbrite and Channeladvisor can assist in managing your listings across multiple channels, such as Amazon and eBay. Algopix assembles sales data of thousands of products from Amazon, eBay and Walmart, and recommends the most viable products to sell in global marketplaces.

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