What are the best drop shipping niches?

Q&A ProCategory: DropshippingWhat are the best drop shipping niches?
Nicole Jackson asked 5 years ago
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Dani Avitz Staff answered 5 years ago

Sellers are generally interested in niche markets thanks to low competition from other sellers and moderate consumer demand. However, niches are also harder to research since there isn’t always a lot of data out there to help you make wise business decisions. When it comes to drop-shipping, there are always niches to be discovered. However, rather than looking for the best ones available, a successful seller should instead focus on what makes one successful.

When it comes to specifics, you want to identify niches that have low expenses. Items with high fees, shipping, and taxes can lead to additional costs if your customers require returns through the A2Z claim system. This means you should avoid products that are especially big and especially heavy. You also need to look for products that are reasonably durable. Products that get damaged during shipping will need to be replaced or refunded, leading to additional costs.

Algopix is an eBay, Amazon, and Walmart seller tool that sellers can use to judge the viability of selling a product. When researching niche products, you want to look for ones that have:

  • Low expenses (shipping, fees, and taxes)
  • High-profit margins (more profit reduces the chance of losses)
  • High demand (more potential sales)
  • Low competition (fewer people to compete with)
  • High sales volume (less potential for deadstock)

One of the easiest ways to search for niches is to dive deep into product categories on Amazon. Start by picking a product category that you are familiar with. Make a list of products you are interested in and search for them on Algopix. If any of them meet the above criteria, they may be worth pursuing.

Interested in discovering new drop-shipping niches? Put Algopix to the test today.