Is there a free tool to convert ASINs to UPCs?

Q&A ProCategory: eCommerceIs there a free tool to convert ASINs to UPCs?
Joseph Flores asked 5 years ago
1 Answers
Dani Avitz Staff answered 5 years ago
Amazon uses its own unique identifier code called the ASIN. There are many tools to choose from when it comes to converting ASINs to UPCs. When product sourcing, it’s important for sellers to be able to convert between the different codes. Keep in mind, any ASIN to UPC converter tool you use should be online and continuously updated to provide accurate information. Algopix has an ASIN-to-UPC converter feature as shown below:This is a great service when you just need to know a few different product identifiers. But if you are interested in checking products from a vendor list to see how they are selling on Amazon (or eBay or Walmart), Algopix’s  bulk analysis feature can really save you a lot of time. This feature enables vendors to analyze batches of up to 200 products at a single click.Wouldn’t you like to convert ASIN to UPC and get a whole lot more information at the same time? Try Algopix’s comprehensive product research today and see the value it provides for yourself.