Is it better to sell on Amazon UK or Amazon US?

Q&A ProCategory: Amazon SellersIs it better to sell on Amazon UK or Amazon US?
Alice Harrison asked 4 years ago
1 Answers
Dani Avitz Staff answered 4 years ago
The question whether is it better to sell on Amazon UK or Amazon US, is an obvious one, particularly for Amazon UK sellers: after all, the US may offer much larger selling territories and opportunities, and the potential for more profits, but precisely because of that, and because many sellers are instinctively going to Amazon US, it leaves Amazon UK as a prime opportunity for sellers.Sell on Amazon UK or Amazon USWhat products do you have and want to sell and what is the competition? How are similar products succeeding, and what are customers saying about them?  It is more likely that the competition will be stiffer in Amazon US. Also, how do you intend to store the products you intend to sell? In the US, it can come to another sizable expense. Also remember, that, as a seller, signing up with Amazon UK gives you access to the additional Amazon European markets: r, .de, .it, and .es, which add another sizable amount of potential customers.  Using Algopix, sellers can discover in which Amazon marketplaces products are selling well and where the products are not, so they can act accordingly. Remember, there is a total of 11 Amazon marketplaces, so you shouldn’t limit yourself only to those two.