If I’m a new Amazon seller in Europe, what’s your best FBA advice?

Q&A ProCategory: Amazon SellersIf I’m a new Amazon seller in Europe, what’s your best FBA advice?
Johnny Martinez asked 4 years ago
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Dani Avitz Staff answered 4 years ago
1. Decide on your "home base" marketplace. There are 5 marketplaces in Europe, and you can sell in them from one seller account. However, you need to determine from where to distribute your products.2. Decide on your shipping method: FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant). If you are shipping from the US, FBM can be highly costly, because of the international shipping fees. FBM from EU countries can lower the costs, but entails research into third-party distribution.3. When it comes to FBA, you'll have 3 options: European Fulfillment Network (EFN) allows you to store and ship your product from the Amazon EU distribution center of your choice, shipping to other countries when ordered. It also allows for Prime eligibility. Multi-country Inventory (MCI) allows sellers to store their product in multiple countries’ distribution centers and to be Prime eligible in each country where stock is held. Pan-Euro FBA (PEFBA) allows Prime eligibility in all 5 countries with storage in one distribution warehouse, but Amazon redistributes product stock to other countries’ warehouses based on where they perceive demand will be highest.4. Try and gather all the information you can before you start selling: what products are selling well in that marketplace and what not, what your competition is, what they are doing well and not well, profit potential, etc.