How to get ASIN without UPC?

Q&A ProCategory: Amazon SellersHow to get ASIN without UPC?
Stefany Bickham asked 2 years ago
1 Answers
Dani Avitz Staff answered 2 years ago
If you are looking to sell a product that is already listed on Amazon and your product does not have a UPC code, you can list your offer on that product’s page without requiring a GTIN (GTIN stands for Global Trade Item Number, which includes UPC codes as well as EAN and JAN codes, their European and Japanese counterparts).However, if your product is unique, it may be eligible for a GTIN exemption, depending on the product and scenario:Your product does not have a GTIN or barcodes on the products, such as handmade and private-label products. Product parts without GTINs, such as automotive parts Bundled products, such as a pack of multiple products.If you believe your listing is exempt, you can go to Amazon’s “Apply for a GTIN exemption” page and proceed with the application. You will need proof to support your application, such as pictures of all sides of your product, or a support letter from the manufacturer or brand owner stating why the product does not have a GTIN.