How does Amazon rank products?

Q&A ProCategory: Amazon SellersHow does Amazon rank products?
Jeffrey Hicks asked 5 years ago
1 Answers
Dani Avitz Staff answered 5 years ago
Amazon has its own method of ranking products. The majority of their rankings are based on popularity and total sales in the shortest period of time. You’ve probably noticed a section on Amazon listings called “Bestsellers Rank.” This statistic is known as the BSR algorithm, and it indicates how popular the product ranks in a particular subcategory. In the example below, the thermos ranks #2 in the Tumblers category.BSR mostly relies on sales figures. While the ranking is useful for buyers looking for a tried-and-true product to suit their needs, sellers need more than just average sales volume to make business decisions online. Trends change and worthwhile products are those with enough demand, minimal competition, and the right profit margins.For a more detailed look into a product’s viability, you will need an Amazon product research tool like Algopix that can search for a variety of important KPIs like profit potential, consumer demand, competition level, monthly sales, and more.