How do I increase my listing traffic on eBay?

Q&A ProCategory: eBay SellersHow do I increase my listing traffic on eBay?
Anna Hudson asked 5 years ago
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Dani Avitz Staff answered 5 years ago

There are several ways you can increase listing traffic on eBay. Here are a few tricks that you can do to boost your traffic on eBay.

The most common way to increase listing visibility is to find the right keywords. In order to find these keywords, you need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and imagine how they would search for something.

For example, type your product in the search bar and see what eBay recommends. The majority of these recommendations are relevant search terms that could work for your product. Build a list using these keywords and compare them to what your competition is doing.

You can also check search volume for particular keywords using the Google Adwords analysis feature on Algopix. This is especially effective for helping you bring external traffic to your eBay listings, such as buyers using a general search engine such as Google or Bing.

Listing Quality
Your listings need to look professional. That means you need to take high-quality photos, write accurate descriptions, and put time into making your listings as appealing as possible.

Maintain a High Seller Rating
The eBay seller rating system is something that many customers take into account when making a purchase. When the choice is between a new seller or an established one, most will choose the established seller. eBay transactions require a certain level of trust and your customers want to know that they will receive what they pay for.

Of course, you can’t expect strong traffic without choosing products that consumers want to buy. Algopix can help there too.

As part of its report, Algopix displays a column on the right side analyzing consumer demand level for a specific product in a specific marketplace. The higher the demand and the lower the seller competition, the better of a chance you have at gaining traffic and making a sale.

Leverage Tools
The best sellers know how to leverage the insights provided by their eBay seller tools. As a seller, you have to consider a lot of information. It can be difficult to make sense of it all when it's spread out. Algopix makes it easy for you to judge the viability of an item by displaying relevant KPIs in one convenient location.

Start improving the traffic of your eBay listings with Algopix today. It’s free to get started.