How do I get a GTIN number for my product?

Q&A ProCategory: eCommerceHow do I get a GTIN number for my product?
Rachel Klumpp asked 5 years ago
1 Answers
Dani Avitz Staff answered 5 years ago
GTIN stands for Global Trade Item Number. This numbering system is an international system of identifying products. GTIN numbers include data conveying various information, including a unique product identifier, the company’s identifier, and in some cases the country of origin. UPC and EAN codes both fall under the category of GTIN codes. When you purchase a UPC, EAN, ISBN or JAN for your product, you are buying the barcode as well as the GTIN number that the barcode represents. This number, seen as the numbers at the bottom of the barcode, serves as your product’s GTIN. To get a GTIN, you must buy a barcode for your product (if it is required). In order to do so, the best way is to register through GS1, a global non-profit organization that manages the codes.