How can I make money selling wholesale on eBay?

Q&A ProCategory: eBay SellersHow can I make money selling wholesale on eBay?
Kathy Thomas asked 6 years ago
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Dani Avitz Staff answered 6 years ago
A large portion of eBay is dominated by wholesale sellers. While it’s still possible to compete with them, you need to dedicate enough time to find profitable products and avoid stocking products that won’t sell. Experienced buyers will probably tell you buying in bulk is more economical than buying in short bursts. That’s why wholesale eBay dropshipping works. You, as a seller, buy from an authorized wholesale retailer (a supplier) and resell the individual products to customers. The first step to dropshipping is choosing the ideal supplier. Look for suppliers that provide excellent shipping speed and customer support. Ideally, find local suppliers, but online databases are also a good source. Remember, you want to keep your costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality. Many sellers use Alibaba to find wholesalers. This approach still works, but you’ll want to consider the following:
  • Ask for a sample of any product you are considering. Keep in mind that many wholesalers will send high-quality samples to try and persuade you to do business with them.
  • You will receive better discounts if you order in bulk.
  • Look for factories that have the right certifications and accreditations.
  • Don’t be afraid to visit the factory yourself if you plan to place a large order. It’s important that you are satisfied with the factory itself, and the products it will produce.
Next, it’s time to pick products that will sell well. That means you need to determine which products have enough demand and little competition. The easiest way to do this is through an eBay product research tool such as Algopix. Our platform provides you with important selling metrics such as profit calculations, expenses breakdowns, demand, competition, sales, and useful keywords. Dropshipping can be a profitable business venture with the right preparation and tools.