How can I get product IDs and SKUs for Amazon Seller Central?

Q&A ProCategory: Amazon SellersHow can I get product IDs and SKUs for Amazon Seller Central?
Jane Palmer asked 5 years ago
1 Answers
Dani Avitz Staff answered 5 years ago
SKUs are a mandatory requirement for selling on Amazon, and you cannot list or sell without them.  To get an Amazon seller SKU (Stock Keeping Number) or product ID, first off, you need an Amazon seller account. When you have an Amazon seller account, log in and create a product listing. Once you create a product listing, Amazon will assign a product ID to your product. As far as SKUs are concerned, you can either create a personalized one yourself or let Amazon create one for you.  If you do wish to create a personalized SKU, you need to include in it the following information:Supplier: for instance, if you ordered the product at Target, then your SKU would start somewhat like this: TG - 0001Date bought or listed: for instance: TG - 0001 - 22-3-2018Location: this can describe where the product is physically located, such as: 2B5 - 2nd bookcase, 5th shelf down. So the SKU would look like this: TG - 0001 - 22-3-2018-2B5Cost per item:  Knowing how much did you pay for the product can be helpful in determining how much profit you are making.  If you paid 1.50 per product, the SKU would look something like this: TG - 0001 - 22-3-2018-2B5-1.50Condition: use a letter to identify the product's condition, whether it's new, very good condition or used. Your SKU would then look roughly like this: TG - 0001 - 22-3-2018-2B5-1.50-N