How can I find suppliers for my eCommerce business?

Q&A ProCategory: eCommerceHow can I find suppliers for my eCommerce business?
Nathan Collins asked 6 years ago
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Dani Avitz Staff answered 6 years ago
Are you interested in dropshipping on eBay, Walmart, or Amazon? eCommerce dropshipping is an efficient way to generate earnings even as a small seller. However, finding the right products can be a real challenge. After all, you have to do a lot of research, find viable products, and determine if there is enough demand for them. Before you start choosing which products to sell (like headphones, sporting goods, etc.), you need to select a supplier or wholesale manufacturer to supply you with your products. Your decision here will make or break your business. Suppliers can be found either locally or from online databases. Alibaba is a popular place to find suppliers. Let’s take a second to identify some of the aspects of a good supplier:
  • They should never charge a fee for the services. Many middlemen masquerading as suppliers exist to pocket what could be your profits.
  • Their shipping options should be fast and reliable. An expedited option is nice-to-have as well.
  • Where do they ship to? You might find profitable opportunities if you sell your products in foreign markets.
  • Can they meet your demand? What is their production capacity? A good supplier will be able to produce your products as needed, without delays.
  • Likewise are they willing to fill small orders while you are just starting out without huge minimum orders?
  • What kind of quality control standards do they have? Can you guarantee that the quality will be the same? Quality is important on Amazon if you want to avoid A-Z claims and negative feedback.
  • What kind of financial terms do they offer? Do you have to pay in advance? Can you pay online? Are they willing to give you payment terms of Net 15 or Net 30?
When researching products, you should use a dedicated product research platform like Algopix to help you collect information on market circumstances and profitability of selling products on a variety of marketplaces so you can make better business decisions when it comes to pricing and sales. Algopix also offers a Bulk Analysis feature that allows you to upload a supplier’s price list and get results that will enable you to determine which products have the best sales potential for multiple online marketplaces in minutes.