Can I merge Amazon seller accounts?

Q&A ProCategory: Amazon SellersCan I merge Amazon seller accounts?
Jordan Shaw asked 4 years ago
1 Answers
Dani Avitz Staff answered 4 years ago
The short answer is no, you can’t merge Amazon seller accounts. But there is a workaround. It’s a manual, tedious workaround. But it’ll save time for you in the long haul, if the alternative is managing two accounts at the same time. When you want to merge two Amazon accounts, the first step is deciding which one to keep. As that’ll become the primary account. There is no other way, as far as we know. Let’s say we have account 1 and account 2, and we want to keep account 1. The first step would be getting and keeping a spreadsheet of all the items on account 2. Next, you’ll want to delete all the listings on account 2. This shouldn’t be that difficult, as you can mass delete up to 250 listings at a time in the manage inventory option in your seller account.Using the inventory loader on account 1, you can now upload all the items from account 2 onto account 1. All done, you’re essentially merged. It’s not pretty, and we hope Amazon offers something automated for this in the future. But for now, this is the way to go. One precaution to take is to get in touch with Amazon seller performance before you do the merge. Tell them what you plan to do and the reason for the merge. It might not be entirely necessary, but it’s better than having your account frozen for suspicious behavior, right?