Can Amazon charge money for seller tools?

Q&A ProCategory: Amazon SellersCan Amazon charge money for seller tools?
John Rose asked 5 years ago
1 Answers
Dani Avitz Staff answered 5 years ago
Amazon does not charge money for seller tools – for the simple reason that it does not offer particularly extensive proprietary seller tools, and so it's mostly "on the seller" to find good Amazon seller tools. So using strictly Amazon resources won’t advanced sellers very far as extracting valuable information and analysis.  Amazon’s Best Seller Rank (BSR) is a good indicator as to where a product ranks in its given category, but it’s certainly not the most important piece of information for the seller. Customer reviews are a good way to asses how the product is accepted by customers. However, by using Algopix's product analysis platform, sellers can significantly improve their prospects towards reaching their goals in the Amazon marketplaces.  Providing a dashboard offering actionable product insights, Algopix analyzes market demand, shipping costs, competitive analysis, and other valuable tools, such as our new Amazon Chrome extension; Amazon product research tool, Amazon best-selling product reports, to help Amazon sellers better understand how to better source products, their prospects, and realize their product's potential and viability in multiple Amazon marketplaces.