Before buying, how can I contact an eBay seller?

Q&A ProCategory: eBay SellersBefore buying, how can I contact an eBay seller?
Timothy Guerrero asked 5 years ago
1 Answers
Dani Avitz Staff answered 4 years ago
To save time, before contacting a seller, check his rating, reviews and number of buyers. "Top rated" and "top rated plus" badges designate the highest rated sellers.  To contact the seller, under "seller information" you will find a button, "contact seller." If you have a particular question for the seller that does not appear on his page, select contact the seller and fill out your topic and question.  If you want details about the product itself, scroll down where you'll typically find details such as description, specifications, package content, warranty and payment & shipping details.  In many eBay listings, there will also be a "questions about this item" section, where people can write a question to the seller regarding the product.  The seller will receive your question by email and can then choose to either respond to you personally or post a reply (along with your question) on the product listing page.  In addition, you can click on the link to the seller's store, click on his user name and see his feedback rating, how long he has been a member, and number of followers.