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Fasted Athlete Colostrum Supplement for Gut Health, Grass Fed Colostrum Powder, 50% IgG, Skin & Hair, Muscle Recovery, Immunity, Energy - Unflavored, 30 Serving Packets

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Product Description

Experience nature's most powerful gut health superfood. Our colostrum comes from family owned, US-based graff-fed dairy farms and contains the highest amounts of immunoglobins, with over 50% IgG. Bovine colostrum is the “first milk” produced by mammals and contains hundreds of key vitamins, minerals, growth factors, protein, probiotics, and prebiotics. Colostrum supplements are shown to support gut health, immune system, skin and hair, muscle recovery, and energy levels. Fasted Athlete’s grass fed colostrum is produced from the excess bovine colostrum after the calves have been fully nourished.

Product Information

  • Nature's Gut Health Superfood - Research shows bovine colostrum powder improves gut health, strengthens the immune system, supports radiant skin and hair growth, develops lean muscle, increases energy levels, repairs leaky gut, supports brain function and accelerates athletic recovery. Our bovine colostrum supplement is a bioavailable superfood packed with hundreds of nutrients, minerals, immunoglobulins (IgG), antibodies, growth factors, lactoferrin, and digestive enzymes.
  • Colostrum Benefits - Colostrum is a gut-health superfood that contains the building blocks for optimal health and overall wellness. Daily use of bovine colostrum has been shown to heal gut lining, support healthy skin & hair, improve digestion, promote muscle recovery, fight infections, and boost overall health.
  • High Quality Colostrum 50% IgG - Our ultra-pure colostrum powder has the highest content of vital immunoglobulins on the market with 50% IgG. A colostrum supplement that’s nearly double the average competitor. The higher the IgG markers, the better the quality of the colostrum.
  • Convenient Travel Packs - Taking your colostrum supplement is easier than ever with our individual travel packs. Simply tear open one of the individual stick packs and pour into a cool water or beverage. We recommend taking colostrum with water, on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before you eat. Our grass fed colostrum is cold-processed to ensure you get all the bioactive nutrients, so it is not recommended to mix with a hot beverage. No more digging around for that scoop in a jar and making a mess. Our convenient travel packs are designed for your on-the-go lifestyle
  • Sustainable, Grass Fed Colostrum - Fasted Athlete sources our premium bovine colostrum from healthy, grass-fed cows, free from antibiotics and synthetic hormones. Cold processed to lock in nutrients and zero added fillers, artificial ingredients, sweeteners, GMO’s, or proprietary blends. These family-owned, US dairy farms only gather the excess colostrum after the calves have been nourished completely.

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