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Struggling with how to do product research on Amazon or eBay marketplace research? Our actionable insights are trusted by over 30,000 businesses, including some of the top merchants on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Within minutes perform Amazon market research and eBay market research, all from one easy to use platform. With our bulk analysis tool analyze up to a whopping 4,000 products per month.

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Insights you’ll gain

  • Access to 16 marketplaces worldwide

    E-commerce market analysis spanning 16 different markets worldwide Find the full list of supported markets here.

  • Recommended selling price

    for the product in a specific market. Algopix’s insights are highly accurate yet cost a fraction of other eBay and Amazon product search software options.

  • Purchasing Cost

    The price as quoted by a supplier, or the price previously paid for existing inventory. This provides valuable eBay market data and Amazon competitors analysis based on eBay and Amazon product sales history.

  • Breakdown of Expenses

    Including marketplace fees, PayPal fees, FBA fees (Amazon FBA product research + Amazon FBA research tools), shipping costs based on the product’s dimensions and tax estimations.

  • Profit

    As an eBay research tool and an Amazon research tool, Algopix provides the profit after all expenses including merchandise cost with a total sales estimator tool

  • Competition

    Based on the number of sellers who offer the product for sale in each market, giving valuable insights to Amazon competitor research and eBay competitor research

  • Demand

    Algopix provides the demand level giving you a competitor analysis e-commerce advantage

  • Recommendation

    The recommendation is based on profit and demand calculation, combining Amazon product search software with eBay market research tools, all in one simple and easy to use platform that functions as a dual Amazon seller research tool and eBay product research tool.

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Many of us are so used to working on a computer desktop that when it comes time to purchase a new computer, we don’t consider other options. Today, computer notebooks – which were once called laptops

Luis Johnson

Amazon Seller

If you read my article, Curry – A Journey, published on the Curry page of this site, you’ll know that my first experiences of the dish were of the generic variety which

Ronald Burns

Amazon Seller

o have the traditional dishes to serve your meal in. Other than that, you need a bit of patience and it’s fun to cook with a friend so that you can share the chopping and grinding or have

Estella Romero

Amazon Seller

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