Product Data

Algopix’s Product Data Enhancement API
generates a set of extended attributes when you simply enter a product ID. Using Algopix’s proprietary database—the largest eCommerce product database known today—as well as rapidly scanning global eCommerce publicly available data, Algopix provides comprehensive product-specific data. This includes Algopix’s validated and enriched data, as well as data points from third-party sources such as Amazon and eBay.

Your challenge

To create a comprehensive product catalog, successful eCommerce marketplaces must include a detailed range of data to describe their products, including brand, size, color and model. They should also include category-specific data points such as band length for a watch or gold type for a diamond ring. This data must be accurate, validated and clear, so that customers will be able to quickly and easily browse through your marketplace catalog and understand what is being offered.

Our solution

With the advanced analysis of Product Data Enhancement, you can provide your customers with extensive product information, which allows for better user experience, better SEO and better catalog hygiene.

Here’s How You Benefit

Algopix’s Product Data Enhancement API is a key component of your eCommerce marketplace, because it provides the competitive edge you need for your catalog to stand out. Using this product enhancement API, you can:

Provide a customer experience that increases conversions

Your enhanced catalog information helps your customers discover and understand your products, which helps them make a decision to purchase.

Attract traffic to your website

Enhanced product information optimizes your SEO. As a result, you can increase your web traffic by as much as 40%.

Create long-term catalog hygiene

Having extensive data for your products can better help you describe the merchandise in your catalog and prevent customer confusion.

Discover essential product information and attributes

By simply entering a product identifier, you can receive essential product data, including brand, size and color.

Receive real-time data across numerous global eCommerce markets

Algopix gathers up-to-the-minute extended product attributes based on data from Amazon and eBay.

See it in Action

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