Algopix’s Product Analysis API
By entering any keyword or GTIN such as UPC, EAN or ASIN on a specific product, you can quickly receive essential information such as prices on markets across the globe, sales performance, product details and rating— all in real time.

Your challenge

Finding the right products to sell on your marketplace is crucial to your success. But in today’s highly competitive and constantly shifting eCommerce marketplaces, it can be difficult to determine which products will yield the most profits. And as your marketplace grows, your inventory decisions increase, thus making the process even more complex.

Our solution

Providing you the essential information regarding real-time product data, pricing and demand insights will help you to make the difference for your marketplace by allowing you to discover the right products for your catalog and sell them at the most competitive prices.

Here’s How You Benefit

Algopix’s Product Analysis makes it easy for you to analyze products you buy, sell or wish to sell. Using Product Analysis, you can:

Easily find the right products

You can quickly discover products using keywords, barcodes, model numbers and more.

Instantly react to trends

Product Analysis provides real-time product benchmarking and sales performance, allowing you to plan your marketplace accordingly.

Increase your conversions

By benchmarking your products with Algopix’s Product Identification, you can boost your sales by presenting your products in the best possible way, with the most optimized price.

Enhance your product catalog data

Product Analysis makes it easy to find accurate product information such as attributes, title, description and images to add to your catalog.

Gain a competitive edge

Track your competition with product market share analytics and by seeing product prices in real time in marketplaces across the globe.

Optimize your catalog assortment and pricing

Enhance your product catalog based on market trends, ratings and sales performance.

See it in Action

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