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Algopix for Marketplaces provides you with superior product catalog management. By doing so, it helps you reduce friction, improve conversion rates, increase profits, onboard new sellers and better understand your competition.

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To stay competitive, successful eCommerce marketplaces must provide a superior user experience by offering a clear and comprehensive marketplace catalog.

Yet often, listings are overpriced, confusing, and missing essential data - resulting in a lower ranking of product pages and less conversions.

With Algopix for Marketplaces, you benefit from key features including:

Onboard new sellers faster with streamlined product identification

Simplify the listing creation with our product identification API- quickly provide relevant product identifier codes using the seller’s product data,simplify product matching by ensuring similar products are paired together-verify key product information is accurate and optimized for the user experience.

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Optimize every aspect of the user experience

Create a standardized process that ensures product listings use the best possible data.
Find new ways to improve your marketplace with full visibility into the areas impacting your user experience.

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See how you’re performing against the competition

Gain real-time insights into products being sold on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other leading marketplaces.
Identify best-selling products being sold on other popular marketplaces.

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Enrich your catalog with high demand items

Uncover powerful insights into high profile sellers and the products they sell

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Make informed decisions with real-time marketplace data

Detect fraudulent listings that are overpriced or designed to disrupt the buying experience and Track product pricing and promotions across the biggest channels.

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“With Algopix, I could make quick decisions and stay in the game.”

Daniela Soibelman,
Marketplaces Manager, GlassesUSA.com

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