Algopix vs Jungle Scout
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Jungle Scout and Algopix are Amazon product research tools that can assist Amazon sellers to increase sales and introduce more strategic business processes into their businesses. As a Jungle Scout alternative, Algopix’s platform offers key tools to scale your business that its competitor does not. From the number of analyses to price, we’ve done the hard work for you to show you how to two compare:

Insights into 16 different marketplaces available
Amazon, eBay, Walmart
16 in total
Monthly cost
Unlimited (include Bulk Analysis)
Tracking up to 40 products
Google AdWords Insights
Chrome extension
Keyword scout (finder)
Niche hunter
Marketplaces actual fees
Accurate shipping fees
Tax liability estimation
Bulk analysis

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Cost Matters

As a more affordable alternative to Jungle Scout, Algopix provides an UNLIMITED plan that allows you to analyze as many products as you wish!

Algopix’s UNLIMITED plan is cheaper than Jungle Scout’s and the affordability of Algopix just increased when compared to Jungle Scouts Mid-level plan ($40 difference) and premium level plan ($60 difference). Every expense you have for your online business counts, and Algopix has been designed to allow for maximum growth at minimum cost. Thanks to Algopix’s additional features not offered by Jungle Scout, like bulk analysis, accurate shipping fees, tax liability estimation and more, Algopix delivers more accurate and more exact data insights to you.

Niche Product Research

If you’re looking for alternatives for Amazon niche product research, Algopix and Jungle Scout both provide product history and valuable market insights.

When examining Jungle Scout’s mid-level plan (called Standard) they offer to track up to 80 different products. However, sometimes as an e-commerce seller you need to move quickly through large excels of potential products in order to get important data insights within minutes. With Algopix’s UNLIMITED plan you can analyze as many products as you wish. You even can analyze up to 3,000 products at once with our bulk analysis feature. This saves you hours of tedious research and can allow you to evaluate more products quickly.

Amazon and beyond

Jungle Scout caters specifically to Amazon sellers and is aimed at helping your Amazon business grow.

Algopix provides the same high-quality business intelligence for Amazon specific sellers at half the cost but includes the option of 16 other marketplaces (8 on Amazon, 7 on eBay and Walmart). Jungle Scout alternatives are out there, and if you do your research and some forward thinking, you can find what you are missing.As an Amazon seller, you may be comfortable right now with your online business and will certainly benefit from Algopix’s excellent Amazon product research tools and bulk analysis, however, if one day you may want to expand your business or explore other marketplaces, the option is there and already included in the price. Thus, you get the option to gain critical insights related to international expansion, whenever you’re ready.

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