Algopix was founded in 2016 by Ori Greenberg and Dani Avitz who for years had been running an eCommerce agency helping companies big and small perform market research and run eCommerce stores. Through their time in the agency, Ori and Dani discovered conducting market research was a daily challenge with no automated solution in the market. They decided to take on this manual process and automate it with sophisticated algorithms creating Algopix.

What motivates the team to wake up and come to work?

Making changes in one of the fastest growing industries by solving a true need in the market. Currently, many of the sales in the industry present low margins to the seller. Through Algopix, sellers can double the margin, reduce stock risks and make a difference to their bottom line. Empowering sellers big and small to rapidly increase their business.

About the founders

Ori and Dani spent 14 years combined investing time in understanding merchant ecosystem. From logistics, payments, inventory management, suppliers and marketing. This gave them a full understanding of the online seller role, allowing them to see first hand the importance sourcing plays in the full story.

Ori’s background is in Engineering. After spending time designing information systems, he realized it wasn’t what he always wanted to do and in 2007 at the start of online shopping craze, he found himself buying lots online and saw an opportunity to better understand the sellers side of the marketplace. This is where he started his career at an eCommerce agency and after 2 years started his own business.

Dani has wide experience in eCommerce (both the practical and academic aspects). Dani studied law and while serving in the army (Academic Reserves), he sold his father’s painting reproductions. It was then he realized the world is REALLY flat and he can sit in Israel, but sell to people in Brazil. In 2012 Dani (together with Ori) founded iCommerce – an eCommerce agency that helped online merchants to sell on eBay and Amazon (iCommerce was acquired towards the end of 2016). Dani holds a LL.B degree (cum laude). Member of the Israel Bar Association.

Team motto

Our office motto is Nelson Mandela’s quote: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

What does the future hold?

Algopix is just getting started on their journey to building the most robust end-to-end platform to transform the way online sellers run their business. Our product analysis engine was built to help sellers buy the right products and sell them in the right channels to grow their business in the healthiest way possible – increasing sales volume and margins and reducing the risks of selling online. Algopix will provide sellers of all sizes the tools they need to make data-driven decisions, so every seller out there can compete in the international arena of eCommerce, and utilize their funds in the best possible way.