Getting the best data from Algopix starts with having the right input. Enter one of the following product identifiers into the search box as the first step in your insights process:
  • UPC (Universal Product Code): This barcode consists of 12 numbers that are uniquely assigned to each product. The UPC is widely used in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.
  • EAN (European Article Number): This barcode consists of 13 numbers that are uniquely assigned to each product. The EAN is widely used in Europe.
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number): An ISBN is assigned to each edition and variation (except re-printings) of books. The ISBN is 13 digits long if assigned on or after 1 January 2007 and 10 digits long if assigned before 2007.
  • ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number): The ASIN consists of 10 alphanumeric characters assigned by and its partners for product identification within the Amazon organization.
  • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number): GTINs may be 8, 12, 13 or 14 digits long.
  • Detailed Text Phrases. If none of the above product identifiers are available, Algopix recognizes text descriptions of products. Be sure to include as many details as possible including model and color.
Of course we can.
  • Highest Profit Opportunity: This is the market Algopix’s algorithm determined to have the highest profit opportunity of the selected markets. To determine the profit opportunity, Algopix takes into consideration all related fees and costs. Included beneath the market is the recommending listing price.
  • Product Demand Level: The demand level is determined by product interest on search engines as well as actual product sales across several markets.
  • Expenses: Includes shipping costs, marketplace fees, PayPal fees and taxes.
  • Profit: The profit after all expenses excluding product cost.
  • Algopix’s Recommendation: Given all of the data collected, Algopix uses an advanced algorithm to produce a recommendation of whether or not this product is likely to be successful given the selected markets.

Terms in ‘Product Insights Across Selected Markets’:
  • Market Price - Market price gives a better perspective of a realistic price to sell a product. By analyzing different prices across the marketplace, Algopix finds the lowest price from a seller that has a high ranking and good feedback. Please note that this price is not necessarily the lowest price or the Buy Box Price.
  • Purchasing Price - the price as quoted by a supplier or the price previously paid for existing inventory. All prices should in US Dollars ($). The Algopix engine uses this price to evaluate the profit you expect to make out of selling the product at any market.
  • Expenses - The expenses section accounts for all sales related expenses. It is comprised of the marketplace sales fees, payment fees such as PayPal, FBA or shipping costs and tax (if applicable). The expenses are presented both as a bottom line figure on the markets table and as part of the breakdown of expenses when expanded. Important to note that other expenses such as marketing and advertising expenses, storage and labeling and others could be incurred.
  • Profit - The profit after all expenses excluding merchandise cost calculated using a simple formula: profit = market price - purchasing price - expenses
  • Competition - The competition level is determined by looking at all of the product offerings and listing. The competition level takes into account how many other sellers are selling the same product, what fulfillment methods are used and competitors’ pricing.

Other data points included under our ‘Competitive Analysis’ tab that are used in the Amazon competition breakdown expansion:
  • Seller’s Rating - The percentage of positive feedback and the number of reviews the seller got on the Amazon site.
  • Sold via FBA / Fulfillment - How would the specific product offering will be fulfilled, the relevant options are by the merchant or by FBA.
  • Buy Box Offering - This is the price that is advertised from the ‘Add to Cart’.
  • Lowest Price - The lowest offering available for the product on the Amazon site.
  • Category - This lets you know in which category the product is listed on.
  • Offerings - The number of sellers who offer the product for sale in each market.
  • Demand - The demand level is determined by product interest on search engines and actual product sales across several markets.
  • Recommendation - The recommendation is the bottom line insight offered by the Algopix Insight Engine. The recommendation is based on profit and demand calculation - if there is a demand for this product on that specific market and the expected profit margin is at least 15% then the product is ‘Recommended’.

Product Sales Performance:
  • Estimated Units/mo - The estimated number of products sold in the last month. For Amazon, the monthly sales estimate is a calculation based on the product’s Best Sellers Rank combined with additional demand indicators and sales history. For eBay, the monthly sales estimate is a calculation of the actual sales in the last month.
  • Est. Revenue/mo - This number reflects the Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) from the past month. For Amazon, the estimated revenue is the sales number, multiplied by the base price of the product. For eBay, the estimated revenue is the sum of product-related transactions in the last month.

Google AdWords Analysis:
  • Suggested Search Phrase - A recommended phrase to use in Google search engine based on the phrase or barcode that the user searched for.
  • Average Number of Searches per Month - The number of times the recommended search phrase was performed per month (on average).
  • Average CPC - The average amount that you’d be charged for a click on your ad using the Suggested Search Phrase. Average cost-per-click (CPC) is calculated by dividing the total cost of your clicks by the total number of clicks.
  • Google AdWords Bidding Competition Level - This is the number of advertisers that showed on each keyword relative to all keywords across Google.
  • Estimated CPA - The average amount you’ve been charged for a conversion from your ad. Average cost-per-acquisition (CPA) is calculated by dividing the total cost of conversions by the total number of conversions.
The Google Adwords Analytics feature provides marketing insights around an Algopix recommended search phrase for the product. Using this recommended search phrase, Algopix provides a full picture of the level of product demand over time including the number of monthly searches on Google, average CPC, AdWords bidding level of competition and estimated CPA. Algopix: Google Adwords Analytics
Algopix’s recommendation engine is based on two critical data points - (1) the expected profit and (2) the market demand. Given these two data points, the platform will offer a ‘recommended’ if the algorithm determines the product will provide profit greater than 15% or if the product has high demand in that particular market.
The purchasing price is at the center of Algopix’s proprietary algorithms. By entering the known purchasing price or your best guess if the purchasing price is unavailable, you’re giving the platform the data it needs to calculate other critical data points like profit. Without purchasing price entered, Algopix cannot start the insights process.

When you choose the “FBA & MCF” option, select the country where your Amazon warehouse is located (the location where you will ship your products from). Algopix currently supports 8 different countries, with more likely to be added in future updates. After selecting your country of origin, your insights will be tailored for that specific country for both Amazon and eBay. For example: if you chose the US, Algopix will show you results for Amazon-US and eBay-US.

Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) Fees

The fees you see reflects the estimated FBA fees for any product sold on Amazon-US.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment Fees

The fees you see reflects the estimated MCF fees for any product sold on eBay-US.

Shipping Carriers Fees

There is also a “Shipping Carriers” option. Simply select the country you are shipping your products from (US, UK, and AU) and Algopix will determine your estimated shipping costs for major carriers like USPS (for US), Royal Mail (for UK) and Australia Post (for AU).

This feature estimates the monthly sales volume (i.e., units sold) and gross merchandise volume (GMV) of any product on eBay and Amazon, throughout their international marketplaces.

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Algopix Sales Estimator integrates product sales signals from a number of data providers, including real-time transactional data, enabling it to cross-reference open source information with proprietary insights to estimate product sales. Learn more.
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