eBay Limits / eBay Limitations

In order to ensure a safe and trusted marketplace for their buyers, eBay selling limits are imposed on most new sellers until they can confirm their personal information and they have established a positive selling history. The good news is, sellers are able to increase beginners limits on eBay with time.

There are three types of limits of eBay sellers:

  • Account-based selling allowances:  While eBay reviews your account activity and confirms your key personal information, eBay will give you a quota for how many active items you can have for sale as well as puts a maximum on your gross merchandise volume.

If a listing ends without being sold, it doesn’t count towards your allowance. You may be able to request a higher allowance to the extent you can confirm your personal information by either contacting eBay directly or linking your new account to an established account.

  • Category-based listing limitation:  In the case that you have not made a successful sale on eBay for over 90 days, sold multiple items in a certain category, or if cases have been opened against you for more than 3% of your transactions in the past calendar year, eBay might impose a category-based listing allowance. Having a bad track record may increase your eBay selling limits.

    With this allowance, eBay imposes a maximum number of items you can sell per category in a calendar month. To increase this quota, you will need to establish a positive selling history with your customers and make sure you respond to customer inquiries speedily.
  • Item-based listing allowances: This allowance is put in place to help prevent sellers from selling counterfeit, fake, replica, or unauthorized items to buyers. If after 90 days of selling on eBay you have positive seller ratings, PayPal verification, and no unresolved customer inquiries, you might be able to raise this allowance.

All three of these allowances are mainly based on your account activity and feedback from customers. For help increasing eBay selling limits, consider contacting eBay directly while also improving your response time to customers and fulfilling orders properly.

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