Supply Chain

In eCommerce, the supply chain is the network between a company and its suppliers in order to transport a product or a service to its customer. At times selling online can involve a lot of moving parts from packing to shipping to returns, so compiling specific business processes can lead to more seamless and successful online selling.

The steps involved in the supply chain typically include:


  • Planning: Develop a plan to create a profitable supply chain. Choose whether or not you will manufacture the product yourself or will buy it from a supplier. Companies must also decide on their network of manufacturing facilities and warehouses and determine how products will be transported.


  • Source: Use Algopix to help you source the right products from your supplier. Algopix will help you find products in high demand with low expenses and levels of competition. Create a network of suppliers and find a system to help you manage your inventory and to make sure all import/export requirements are met. Read our blog about inventory management!
  • Make: During this stage, the product is manufactured, tested, packed, and set for release.
  • Deliver: This stage involves all parts of the delivery process including managing the warehouse inventory (either you yourself or a third-party), dealing with payments, and making sure all import and export requirements are met.



Returns: This step is associated with all returns of defective products including identifying the product condition, authorizing refunds, scheduling the product return, sending replacements, and managing the inventory of returned products.

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