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Sponsored ads, also known as promoted posts, are a pay-per-click advertising solution which allows sellers to promote products with keyword-targeted ads. Sponsored advertising is an option on many major social and online retail channels including Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, and more.  

Sponsored product ads are typically given prime “real estate” on websites, meaning that advertisers pay to have their ads run in a prominent and visible place to maximize views and clicks. Sponsored ads on marketplaces are an incredibly popular and vital part of many e-commerce businesses today.

Amazon sponsored products
With sponsored listings on Amazon, sellers need to place bids on relevant keywords, and if your bid wins and your ad matches the search, your ad gets shown to shoppers. There are three different sponsored post options on Amazon:

  1. Sponsored Products ads: These are keyword-targeted pay-per-click ads that promote individual listings on search results pages and product detail pages, boosting sales and product visibility on Amazon.
  2. Headline Search Ads: Keyword-targeted pay-per-click ads that showcase your brand and product portfolio. Headline search ads feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and up to 3 of your products listings, these ads appear within search results.
  3. Amazon Stores are custom multipage shopping destinations for individual brands that let you showcase your brand story and product offerings. Stores require no website experience and are entirely free to use.

Sponsored Listings Amazon
To create Amazon sponsored ads:
1. Log into Seller Central
2. Choose the products you want to advertise
3. Determine your bids for clicks, and which keywords are most applicable to your needs

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