Revenue is the total amount of income that a company receives from the sale of goods or services, including discounts and deductions for returned merchandise. Revenue should not be confused as income. For a company, income refers to the net profit, or the monetary amount of what is left after fees, taxes, and other expenses are extracted. Revenue is the total amount of money a company earns for products or services.

To calculate revenue, you need to follow this equation: Price of Good or Service x Quantity

Algopix provides product sales performance insights that assist eCommerce sellers in understanding and predicting revenue. With this important information, e-commerce sellers can make smarter decisions regarding where and what products to sell. Of course, knowing where to buy and what to sell means less risk and more revenue. Valuable insights include:

Estimated Units per month The estimated number of products sold in the last month. For Amazon, the monthly sales estimate is a calculation based on the product’s Best Sellers Rank combined with additional demand indicators and sales history. For eBay, the monthly sales estimate is a calculation of the actual sales in the last month.

Estimated revenue per month: This number reflects the Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) from the past month. For Amazon, the estimated revenue is the sales number, multiplied by the base price of the product. For eBay, the estimated revenue is the sum of product-related transactions in the last month.

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