Open an Amazon Store

Do your research

Whether or not to open a store, or whether to take the individual or professional plan can be confusing decisions. Take your time and learn about associated fees and benefits. By using Alogpix’s Amazon product research tool, you will gain instant insights into product demand, cost, fees, and more actionable insights.

How to open an Amazon store

To start selling on Amazon, you must first create a Seller Central account. You only need one seller account within a single marketplace, even if you’d like to sell a multitude of different products. A seller would need to open an Amazon seller account again if he or she planned on selling in another continent or region. For example, a seller in North America (Amazon Canada, Amazon U.S., and Amazon Mexico) can use one Seller Central account, but if that same seller wanted to expand and sell to Amazon Germany, that seller would need to open an additional Seller Central Europe account.


Amazon stores

Amazon provides the opportunity for sellers and vendors to open their open brand stores on Amazon’s marketplaces to increase customer engagement and brand visibility. Keep in mind these are specially branded stores, and sellers can begin selling without one. All a seller needs to sell on Amazon is a Seller Central account, and to choose either an individual or professional plan.


Amazon Branded stores

Each Amazon store is unique and is given a URL similar to The available built-in social media features make it easy for customers to share products with friends and loved ones via social sharing buttons.

Promotional extensions are also available for Amazon stores, including features like headline search ads, a link to your store in the brand byline, and built-in metrics all to help to attract new customers and create more awareness for your store. It’s easy to learn how to open a store on Amazon, and any seller can do it alone without the need for outside professional assistance.

To begin building an Amazon Store, log into for vendors or Seller Central for sellers.

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